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Living in Lafleche



Service Clubs and Organizations

Municipal Services

[lsvr_tabs][lsvr_tab_item][/lsvr_tab_item][lsvr_tab_item title=”Nuisance Grounds”]The Lafleche nuisance ground is open to rate payers only on Wednesdays (1 p.m. to 5 p.m.) and Saturdays (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). There is a decommissioning fee of $20 per item charged on any freezers or refrigerators dumped at the nuisance grounds.[/lsvr_tab_item][lsvr_tab_item title=”Recycling”]Loraas Recycling provides Blue Cart curb side pick up services to residential homes  in the Town of Lafleche for $10.00 per month.[/lsvr_tab_item][lsvr_tab_item title=”Utilities”]The Town of Lafleche provides water and sewer services within town limits. In addition to treated water the town also provides untreated water for lawn and garden use to a large number of the properties within the town limits. Many of the rural residences around Lafleche also receive water from the town through privately owned water lines, or lines owned and operated by the Wood River Utility Board and the Lakeview Water Cooperative.

Although rates below are listed “per month” the town actually bills out every two months (Feb., Apr., Jun., Aug., Oct., and Dec.). At present a $75 deposit is required before services will be connected along with a $10 administration fee.

Treated Water Rates

    • Urban Rates:  Base rate of $18  per month plus $0.016 per gallon used
    • Rural Rates:  Base Rate of $26.75 per month plus $0.02375 per gallon used

Sewer Rates

Base rate of $12 per month for single residence and most businesses.

Untreated Water Rates

Base Rate of $5.50 per month

last reviewed and updated:  Mar 8 2011



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